Long Punches Back On Turner’s ‘Pataki Strategy,’ Rudy Endorsement

In the same interview with Fred Dicker where Bob Turner announced that he was relying on “The Pataki Strategy” of running up big numbers in New York City –boosted by his superior name recognition–to oust a Democrat in a statewide election, and where he hinted about a soon-to-be-forthcoming endorsement from Rudy Giuliani, he also said that he and his opponents in the GOP Senate primary  “are not taking shots at each other.”

As we pointed out, this isn’t really accurate, not with George Maragos comparing Mr. Turner to Barack Obama and accusing him of fomenting racial strife. 

Now it appears that Wendy Long has joined the fray, with a point-by-point rebuttal of Mr. Turner’s interview with Mr. Dicker.

Ms. Long’s campaign team, led by Dave Catalfamo, are full of old George Pataki hands, and as for Mr. Turner’s contention about “the Pataki strategy,” he says in a statement released by the Long campaign this afternoon, “With all due respect to the Pataki strategy, which we know a little about, you have to win the primary to win the general.”

As for the endorsement by Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Catalfamo notes that it didn’t do much in 1994:

“Today’s endorsement doesn’t move the needle for team Turner, ask Mario Cuomo.”

How ’bout that name recognition?

“Nor does reliance on a statistically insignificant advantage in name ID achieved primarily in an area not reflective of the larger Republican electorate.”

Mr. Catalfamo then turns to why Ms. Long is a better bet to win in November:

With her core Republican philosophy and the strong backing of the Conservative Party Wendy Long is clearly the best candidate to win the primary. As the only non-politician, Wendy Long is best positioned for November to reach women, Republicans, Conservatives, independents, disaffected blue collar democrats and the growing cross section of voters who want a real alternative to the Gillibrand-Obama radical policies of government intrusion.”

With only a few weeks left before election day, we expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing from the contenders, despite GOP chairman Ed Cox’s calls for civility.

Long Punches Back On Turner’s ‘Pataki Strategy,’ Rudy Endorsement