Lottery sales at Cafe NJ under consideration

TRENTON – The State Capitol Joint Management Commission today discussed but did not vote on a proposal to install a lottery machine in the Statehouse café.

The Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired requested the service, but Management Commission members raised several issues, including possible congestion being created at Café NJ by lottery customers, drawing people into the Statehouse who otherwise would not have business there, and possible effects on nearby downtown Trenton businesses that also sell lottery tickets.

According to Management Commission Chair James Harkness and others, the café would receive approximately 5 percent out of the arrangement, which would to a degree help the café balance out the slower days when lawmakers are not in session and business is slow.

The Commission was told that the snack bar and newspaper shop that also is in the Statehouse does not want to get involved in selling lottery tickets.

The issue will be revisited at a later meeting.

Lottery sales at Cafe NJ under consideration