Mayor Bloomberg Muses on Mitt Romney and The Presidential Race

Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

Earlier this week, presidential candidate Mitt Romney sat down and had a private meeting with Mayor Michael Bloomberg in what seems to be part of a charm offensive both Mr. Romney, and the president he’s seeking to unseat, are leveling against the Mayor. Asked about the meeting on John Gambling’s radio show this morning, Mr. Bloomberg, who has not yet said who or if he will endorse in the presidential race, proceeded to discuss the national campaign from multiple different angles.

He started off by describing the nature of his relationship with Mr. Romney.

“He was nice enough to stop by. I’ve known, casually, that he was governor of Massachusetts. I come from Massachusetts, and I’ve known him over the years,” Mr. Bloomberg began. “Would you say we’re close friends? Probably not, but if I saw him in the street, I’d say, ‘Hi Mitt.’ And he’d say, ‘Hi Mike.’ He’s a very pleasant guy.”

Mr. Bloomberg next compared him to Mr. Obama, and suggested that, although they have very different ideologies (with Mr. Bloomberg likely siding with the President on social issues and Mr. Romney on economic issues), one can never really be sure what a candidate would do upon being elected into office.

“They are very different people, very different views — social issues and fiscal things — although in elections, it’s very hard to tell what somebody’s going to do when they are in office, get to office, or face situations that we haven’t faced before. ” he said. “They can give you answers to what they would have done, or did do, for situations in the past, but the past is prologue. Trademark that, that’s nice to say, ‘The past is prologue.’ And for the future, who knows?”

He last expressed a relatively notable amount of happiness with Mr. Romney’s praise, not just for his administration, but for the city as a whole.

“It was interesting because I talked to him about some of the things going on in New York City, like life expectancy [being] 3 years greater than the national average … and he just kept saying, ‘That’s amazing,'” Mr. Bloomberg explained. “I saw in the paper, he was asked, ‘What did you talk about?’ And he said it’s an amazing job that — not the administration, not Bloomberg — but that the city has done. The city, it’s the workforce, it’s the public, it’s everybody. This city has a lot of reasons to be proud. I was at a Knicks game last night, as you walk by, people [say], ‘Great job, great job.'”

Mayor Bloomberg Muses on Mitt Romney and The Presidential Race