Morning Read: Thompson Challenges Kelly; Hayworth’s Bind; Mitt and Rick Together

Bill Thompson has a message for Ray Kelly: Are you in or out?

Nan Hayworth is in a trick spot: she is a surrounded by conservative Tea Party freshman, but she has an openly gay son.

New bribery charges were filed against Joe Bruno. 

82-year-old Louise Slaughter faces a challenge like never before: a newly drawn, more conservative district; a long recovery from a broken leg; and a well-liked challenger in Maggie Brooks.

Settlement money from the CityTime scandal will allow the city to fill 2,500 teaching jobs. 

Bloomberg warned that municipal workers who have been working without a contract will forego a time-honored tradition and not be awarded back pay.

The budget would also cut 42,000 slots in day care and after-school care. 

The Post worries about fiscal prudence after Mayor Bloomberg leaves office. 

A judge scolded the jurors in the Pedro Espada trial to keep an open mind and keep deliberating. 

Nicole Malliotakis wants to curb cosmetic surgery for pets. 

Her Democratic opponent called the measure “stupid.”

Cornel West, on trial for an arrest stemming from a protest of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, called it immoral.

The judge also declined to put the kibosh on Espada’s courthouse steps press conferences. 

The theft of manhole covers is on the rise. 

How to handle the toxic wastewater that is a result of hydrofracking has become a major concern. 

Nassau County was able to paper over its fiscal troubles for years by projecting revenue from a tobacco settlement.

Erie Democratic Chairman Len Lenihan was not invited to Cuomo’s western New York fundraiser. 

The state’s highest court upheld the Senate GOP’s plan to add a 63rd Senate seat. 

The two firms tasked with redeveloping the Domino site are feuding, potentially putting the project at risk. 

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are set to campaign together on Saturday. 

The Obama campaign is microtargeting states and voters. 

Campaigning with Bob McDonnell and Michelle Bachmann–the face of harsh abortion laws–will hurt Mitt Romney in Virginia.

George Bush is playing no role in this campaign. 

Race still matters for Obama’s re-election prospects. 

Mitt Romney is gaining ground in Ohio and Florida.  

Morning Read: Thompson Challenges Kelly; Hayworth’s Bind; Mitt and Rick Together