Morning Read: Ackerman Endorses; Yassky’s Plans; A Secret ‘Kill List’

Gary Ackerman will endorse Grace Meng at 10:30 am today.

The Senate Republicans will pass tax credit legislation.

Some think David Yassky might run for higher office again.

While the Senate Democrats will move into a cheaper office to save money.

The math supporting stop-and-frisks doesn’t hold up.

Anthony Weiner has been a bit of a stay-at-home mom since his scandal.

Westchester County D.A. Janet DiFiore reportedly helped her housekeeper collect benefits she shouldn’t have.

Charlie Rangel’s House colleagues have been contributing to his campaign.

The  New York Post doesn’t like that legislation against anonymous internet comments.

And joined the New York Times in opposing the taxi fare hike.

The Times argued the Upper East Side should do its part in processing trash.

Bill Colton is doing his part to fight a southwest Brooklyn waste transfer station.

Sarah Palin has a new, better approach.

Thaddeus McCotter is now a write-in candidate for his own electoral future.

Mitt Romney can seal the deal with Texas.

He’s not shying away from Donald Trump.

President Obama’s time is increasingly dominated by the campaign.

Obama’s secret “kill list” is at odds with his liberal law professor roots.

Morning Read: Ackerman Endorses; Yassky’s Plans; A Secret ‘Kill List’