Morning Read: Bob Steel for Mitt Romney; Kelly’s 2013 Dreams Lie In Wait; Prisons For Sale

Deputy Mayor Robert Steel is the only high-ranking municipal employee who has contributed to Mitt Romney’s presidential bid.

Backers of Ray Kelly’s mayoral bid are lying low while “the Democrats kill each other,” Fred Dicker reports.

Jockeying has already begun to replace John Sampson as Democratic Senate leader, and Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Andrea Stewart Cousins are the top names being floated.

Rudy Giuliani can’t help but knock Mitt Romney’s job creation record. 

Kathy Hochul, from Democratic star to endangered incumbent.

One of the NYPD’s top counter-terrorism experts is leaving the force.

Tom DiNapoli is pushing a shareholder resolution barring Exxon Mobil from discriminating against gay or transgender people.

Thanks to its proximity to media, advertising and fashion industries, the tech industry is thriving in New York.

Mayor Bloomberg’s budget includes cutting some of the best after-school programs in the country, and advocates fear this year “the budget dance” will include real cuts.

If you are in the market, the state of New York is selling off old prisons. 

Chuck Schumer took on airlines for charging families for sitting together. 

Parking rules and regulations are now going up online. 

Con Ed is backing off a potential rate increase. 

Public pension funds have pushed rosy projections for years, and now the day of reckoning has arrived.

Bed Stuy will hold its first Memorial Day parade. 

Veterans overwhelmingly prefer Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. 

Campaigns are turning to data mining to target voters

David Plouffe concedes that the presidential race will be close, but says “I’d rather be us than them.”

Is Simpson-Bowles still alive?

Morning Read: Bob Steel for Mitt Romney; Kelly’s 2013 Dreams Lie In Wait; Prisons For Sale