Morning Read: Breakthrough In Etan Patz Case; Bain Backfire; ‘Israelapalooza’ In Queens

Sarah Maslin Nir writes that Lancman/Meng/Crowley/Halloran face-off has turned into “Israelapalooza”

2013 candidates are divided over whether or not Ray Kelly should stay on as police commissioner. 

Under fire, Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes plans to push for state legislation to add rabbis and other religious leaders to the list of professionals required to report allegations of sexual abuse to law enforcement authorities.

Mike Bloomberg will curb his weekend helicoptering. 

Antoine Thompson decided against mounting a comeback in his redrawn Buffalo area district. 

The City Council would like the MTA to give letter grades to subway stations the same way the Health Dept. does for restaurants.

Police at last believe they have a suspect in the disappearance of Etan Patz.

The Times calls for stop-and-frisk reform.

Residents of two housing developments in the Bronx are threatening to sue the Bloomberg administration over insufficient repairs.

Local officials are struggling to save a historic swimming pool in Queens. 

Barclays Center officials have quietly abandoned a proposal to offer reduced-fare MetroCards to Nets ticket buyers to discourage them from driving to the basketball arenaThe Times  reports.

The University of Buffalo is walking back a study that shows that hydrofracking has become safer once it became clear that the report was not peer-reviewed.

A shift is looming in who decides how much state employees pay for health insurance.

Senate Democrats are pushing a paycheck fairness bill that would strengthen the Equal Pay Act. 

Obama’s attacks on Bain are exposing fissures within the Democratic Party. 

The Mitt Romney VP search is in the “audition phase.”

Obama has an advantage in three key swing states.

Mitt Romney is trying to put daylight between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that isn’t there, Joe Conason says.

Morning Read: Breakthrough In Etan Patz Case; Bain Backfire;  ‘Israelapalooza’ In Queens