Morning Read: Espada In The Slammer; No Impact Man for Congress; Romney’s Search For A Boring White Guy

In the wake of the Espada corruption trial, The Times profiles his sucessor, Gustavo Rivera, and describes him as someone who, unlike Espada, isn’t afraid to appear in public without bodyguards and an entourage.

The defense during the Pedro Espada trial described the disgraced ed-pol as “A kid who grew up homeless and in the projects and who worked hard his entire life, so what if he wants to live the good life?…If he was entitled to the meals, then who cares what kind of meals he had?”

Bill Hammond says An argument like that requires cojones of brass — and an ego the size of the Empire State Building.

The holdout juror in the trial works at JP Morgan Chase, leading The Daily News to write that the bank “sure knows how to pick him.”

Andrea Peyser keeps it high-brow: “My advice to Pedro: Don’t pick up the soap.”

Ruben Diaz defended his old Amigo.

Asked about President Obama’s support for his re-election, Charlie Rangel said,  “The president of the United States, especially this president, should not be annoyed by reporters who want to know whether he is going to get involved in a local district leader’s race.”

Scott Stringer called on the state to suspend plans to rate teachers based on this year’s test scores after the tests were found to be riddled with errors.

The DN accused Stringer of pandering to the teachers unions. 

David Greenfield thinks that the best thing about the ongoing Greenfield/Storobin fight, which is now going to a manual hand recount, is that “Finally we will know if these new electronic [voting] machines work!”

The City Council is weighing new legislation that looks at how banks serve under-represented communities before deciding to deposit the city’s money in them; Mayor Bloomberg is opposed.

Hank Greenberg challenged Eric Schneiderman’s ability to use the Martin Act against him in a fraud case.

“No Impact Man” for Congress.

Michael Powell notes the difference between the Ray Kelly who served in the Dinkins administration and formed alliances with black and Latino communities, and the current incarnation of the commish.

A Republican Assembly candidate on Long Island announced that he would not run for the seat held by his estranged wife.

People accused of killing their spouses would no longer have control of their victim’s remains under a bill passed by the state Senate.

Residents opposed to a waste transfer station on the Upper East Side commissioned a study that found that costs of  building the facility could double.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn have agreed to allocate $1.6 million to the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board to fund 18 new positions for a unit that will be empowered to prosecute police officers who are accused of misconduct, Michael Howard Saul reports.

Insurgent union members are mounting a coup against the leadership of the Public Employee Federation. 

Americans Elect appears to be sputtering out. 

Romney’s Bain record is taking center stage. 

The JP Morgan Mess could hurt Obama.

Mitt Romney is searching for “an incredibly boring white guy.”

Obama’s gay marriage shift is energizing gay marriage activists.  Morning Read: Espada In The Slammer; No Impact Man for Congress; Romney’s Search For A Boring White Guy