Morning Read: Kelly Hits Council On Stop-And-Frisk; SuperPACS Change Business of Politics; First Partner?

Adriano Espaillat on his campaign to unseat Charlie Rangel: “The race is about the American dream, and I believe in it.”
Liberals are pushing Andrew Cuomo to raise the minimum wage, “I think that the governor has a mixed record, and, frankly, doesn’t do anything for poor and working-class people that we don’t make him do,” Kevin Parker said.

Ken Lovett says that John Sampson’s reign as leader of the Senate Democrats is coming to an end, even if the Dems retake the chamber in November.

Mike Bloomberg said that if Christine Quinn becomes mayor, Kim Catullo could be known as “the first partner.”

Cuomo may take up cyber-bullying next.

Kirsten Gillibrand took aim at drug shortages.

A new lawsuit claims that UFT president Michael Mulgrew was caught “in flagrante” with a teacher in a woodshop classroom several years ago, and that the city used the incident to blackmail the union into making contract concessions.

The wealthiest 1 percent of New Yorkers took in nearly one-third of personal income in the city, double the rate nationwide.

The east side access project--which is designed to bring more LIRR trains into Grand Central and clear up train congestion around Penn Station–faces further delays and cost overruns.

In defending stop-and-frisk, Ray Kelly points out that most murders happened in just a few neighborhoods. Did the New York Civil Liberties Union and certain City Council members protest or demand something be done to reduce black-on-black violence? Not at all. Instead, they have directed their animus toward the Police Department,

A police commander in the city subway system said that half of the people stopped during stop-and-frisk had criminal records.

Five precincts in the city accounted for 25 percent of shootings in the city.

40,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews rallied at Citifield to warn of the dangers of the Internet.

With the summer hordes preparing to come to the Rockaways, the beach community is down to one hospital.

Restaurants and food cart vendors are battling in Bay Ridge, and some say fear of new immigrant populations in motivating the split.

Nick Confessore takes a look at how the era of SuperPACs is changing the face of the politics.

Corey Booker got into hot water when he criticized the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital.

Why national polls matter more than state polls.

Visitor logs reveal that lobbying is still going strong at the White House.

The Arizona Secretary of State is trying to bar Obama from the ballot there unless he receives (further) proof that the president was born in Hawaii.

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich exited the presidential race with a lot of debt.

Both John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi feel confident headed in November.

Morning Read: Kelly Hits Council On Stop-And-Frisk; SuperPACS Change Business of Politics; First Partner?