Morning Read: Progressives Make A Council Move; ‘Amercia’; Mayor Tisch?

Charlie Rangel and Adriano Espaillat met face-to-face at the endorsement meeting for the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club; the club went for Espaillat overwhelmingly. 

Rangel is scoring the mayoral trifecta however–Bloomberg, Dinkins, Koch. 

Meryl Tisch is seriously contemplating running for mayor, Michael Howard Saul reports.

Is the Progressive Caucus forming a PAC?

Gary Ackerman endorsed Grace Meng yesterday, but he also owns a consulting firm that has a big stake in her campaign.

New York State received a waiver from parts of the No Child Left Behind Law that will increase flexibility in how it deals with lowest performing schools.

The City Council is looking into a measure that would increase fines for delivery men who bicycle on the sidewalk. 

Bill de Blasio is backing a lawsuit against the sale of taxi medallions to livery drivers, saying that the sale was an end-run around the City Council.

Mike Bloomberg is pushing a law that would give any school superintendent in New York State the power to overrule a hearing panel and fire a teacher that has been accused of misconduct. 

The Bloomberg administration’s cuts to childcare programs will mean that 2,000 unionized workers lose their jobs. 

Chappaqua loves its first family–The Clintons–but worries how much longer they will stay there. 

The City Council questioned officials from the city’s department of information technology about cost overruns for the 911 system overhaul.

The City is about to undertake a water main replacement on the west side, which will mean years of traffic and congestion in Hell’s Kitchen. 

Every year, Ladder 53, the fire company on out of the way City Island, comes close to closing, and every year it is saved.

Eleven current and former inmates are suing the New York City jails saying that the administration condones the abuse of prisoners by guards. 

The state is delaying a ban on smoking in state parks. 

A new report says that a minimum wage hike would help 880,000 workers. 

Planned Parenthood is running ads that attack Mitt Romney. 

The long-awaited Romney-Donald Trump fundraiser was last night. 

Republicans are worried that Trump will keep campaigning on behalf of Romney. 

Mitt Romney’s Iphone calls misspells the land of the free as “Amercia.”

Morning Read: Progressives Make A Council Move; ‘Amercia’; Mayor Tisch?