Morning Read: Rangel Hits The Bronx; 2016 Or Bust For Cuomo; Betty White for Barack Obama

President Obama is in New York City today, giving the Barnard commencement, heading to a fundraiser hosted by Ricky Martin, and appearing on “The View.”
Charlie Rangel in POLITICO:“I’m asking the people of the Bronx: Give me a try. Give me a chance. We’ll be good partners.”
Vince Morgan and Inez Dickens got into a debate about the future of Rangel in New York Magazine:

Morgan: By his own admission, Mr. Rangel is at the twilight of his career. He’s said that at his age, he doesn’t buy green bananas. We need to transition to the next thing.
Dickens: You’re not appointed to the best committees as a freshman. You’re put to the back of the bus, so to speak.

Andrew Cuomo came into office pledging to prune the government bureaucracy, but since then  at least 10 new work groups, 11 councils, four task forces, two teams, two commissions and two committees have been formed, Jacob Gershman writes.

If Andrew Cuomo wants to run for president, 2016 is looking like his best shot.

Andrew Cuomo is open to a pay raise for lawmakers, but is searching for some kind of reform in return, possibly the abolishment of the much-abused, highly lucrative per-diem reimbursement system that gives lawmakers an incentive to remain at the Capitol, doing nothing, Fred Dicker writes.

Although Jim Alesi is retiring from the State Senate in part due to his marriage vote, Roy McDonald, one of the other Republicans to vote “yes” on the issue, has been reaping new support.

A new poll found that three-quarters of New York voters support an increase in the state minimum wage.

Christine Quinn has sponsored just two bills that have been introduced into the City Council in the last two years, a way to keep her fingerprints off of legislation.

Could SuperPACs come to the New York City mayor’s race?

Elizabeth Crowley wants the Dept. of Education to calculate teacher salaries against the entire department operating budget rather than against individual school so principals don’t simply try to hire the cheapest teachers.

Cut backs in the Parks Department have led to less workers assessing the health of trees, and have led to an increasing number of injuries and lawsuits stemming from falling limbs.

Mitt Romney largely punted on the gay marriage issue during his speech at Liberty University,
proof that the issue won’t be a big one this campaign season and that Romney doesn’t need to woo evangelical voters.

A new poll showed that most Americans support same sex marriage.

Obama has secured the all-important endorsement of Betty White.

Morning Read: Rangel Hits The Bronx; 2016 Or Bust For Cuomo; Betty White for Barack Obama