Morning Read: Spitzer for Hillary 2016; Hynes Lashes Out at Orthodox ‘Mafia’; Swing State Tie

Adam Clayton Powell IV on the challengers to Charlie Rangel: “They’re gonna learn. I got my whipping two years ago. Now all of them are gonna get their whipping now.”

Adriano Espaillat however said that “People say consistently that they want change, that it’s time to turn the page.”

Eliot Spitzer hopes that Hillary Clinton does run for president in 2016. 

The Daily News takes a look at the latest battle in the Queens GOP civil war, this one between Eric Ulrich and Juan Reyes for the State Senate. 

David Storobin has a 14 vote lead over Lew Fidler; the race is expected to be certified next month.

The Bloomberg administration is considering an outright ban of large sized sugary drinks.

However, David Greenfield is proposing a bill that would require cyclists to wear a helmet. Mayor Bloomberg opposes that bill.

Joe Hynes lashed out at members of the Orthodox Jewish community for intimidating victims from coming forward about their sexual abuse.

Parks Dept. workers are receiving extra training on how to spot decaying tree branches. 

An audit by John Liu found that Hewlett-Packard bilked the city for as much as $50 million when it worked as a contractor for the city’s overhaul of its 911 system.

A new city bill that will allow drivers to transfer unused muni-meter time could create a black market among parkers. 

Despite early claims to the contrary, Cardinal Dolan authorized payments to abusive priests while in Milwaukee in an effort to get them to lead the priesthood.

Just 51% of New York Catholics back Dolan’s push against Obama’s move to require employers to pay for contraception coverage.

Muslim and Sikh transit workers will be permitted to wear religious headgear, so long as it is blue, the MTA announced.

The New York State Thruway is contemplating huge toll hikes for trucks. 

The Innocence Project and the state Bar Association  pushed for the expansion of videotaped interrogations and reforms to lineup procedures.

Obama and Romney are tied in Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

Deval Patrick praised Bain Capital. 

Marco Rubio, “the senator from the Internet,” sees SOPA as a seachange in the power of online communities on Capitol Hill.

The Obama campaign is adding a new line of attack against Romney–his record as governor in Massachusetts. 

Two polls out this week show that the House GOP majority may not be safe. 

Morning Read: Spitzer for Hillary 2016; Hynes Lashes Out at Orthodox ‘Mafia’; Swing State Tie