Morning Read: Spitzer Takes On Schneiderman; Rangel Rican Roots; Is Bain A Win For Booker?

Eliot Spitzer questioned the legal skills of Eric Schneiderman.

East siders are upset that Mayor Mike Bloomberg is apparently violating the city’s helicopter curfew.

Andrew Cuomo said that a minimum wage hike won’t pass this year.

Mike Gianaris made a very funny video about independent redistricting.

Charlie Rangel opened up about his Hispanic heritage.

He has been reluctant to talk about it because his Puerto Rican father left his mother when he was young. On Tuesday, he said that if he had had a better relationship with his father, “I would be hablamos con ustedes en Español, no en el Inglés.”

A record number of families applied for charter school slots.

Two gunmakers who oppose a state microstamping bill have received millions in economic development funds.

The IBO says the city’s budget shortfall is smaller than expected.

Bloomberg warned that the city and the nation could lose its competitive edge if its immigration policies aren’t changed.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has been cracking down on beauty salons that charge different prices for men and women.

Federal prosecutors announced a fraud lawsuit against Seedco, a non-profit that the Bloomberg administration relied on extensively for help with job placement.

Bill de Blasio weighed in again on the stop-and-frisk debate.

CUNY has raised academic standards, which has shaken the school system’s ethnic mix.

A profile of the Harold Interlocking, responsible for regulating train traffic heading into Manhattan from the east.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved the construction of a natural gas pipeline that would run beneath the Hudson River from New Jersey into the West Village.

Two of the highest ranking elementary schools in Brooklyn have been accused of cheating on standardized tests.

The public library came under criticism for plans to remake its Fifth Avenue flagship.

Taxi drivers are skeptical they will see the benefits of a fare increase.

Meanwhile, a coalition of parents are planning to keep their children home on testing day.

The state took control of horse racing in New York State, hoping to reform a scandal-plagued industry.

The Post wishes Gov. Andrew Cuomo the best on the endeavor.

More LIRR employees were charged with disability fraud as part of a long-running investigation.

City officials came to a sweeping agreement over a dispute between Brooklyn Bridge Park and a cutting edge theater slated for the site.

A new traffic plan for the Nets arena cuts the parking by half.

Steven Rattner says that Obama “struck the right balance” on the private equity debate.

Cory Booker may come out ahead on all the publicity his Meet The Press comments generated.

Mitt Romney is 89 delegates from officially clinching the GOP nomination.

A look at the Obama 2012 team.

Priorities USA upped their anti-Bain ad buy.

Mitt Romney is looking to make inroads with Latinos.

Romny is already winning over independents fairly easily.

Morning Read: Spitzer Takes On Schneiderman; Rangel Rican Roots; Is Bain A Win For Booker?