Morning Read: The Presidential Courting of Mike Bloomberg; A Hearty Huzzah To Quinn; Pork Politics

Why are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney seeking Mike Bloomberg’s endorsement?  His ” name is all but synonymous with Wall Street clout and nonpartisan politics,” writes Michael Barbaro.

Bill Thompson “flip-flopped” and now supports the Living Wage bill that passed the City Council this week.

The State Assembly passed a New York version of the DREAM ACT with a a privately financed scholarship fund to help the children of immigrants pay college tuitions.

State Senate Republicans voted to steer $10 million in leftover education money to GOP districts. 

The Daily News gives a “hearty huzzah” to Christine Quinn for walking out of the living wage press conference.

Ed Towns’ wife may miss his life in politics–she currently drives around in a new Infinity paid for by his campaign fund.

John Liu’s campaign treasurer plead not guilty to charges that she helped funnel illegal campaign contribution to Liu’s comptroller campaign.

She may want a separate fraud trial from Oliver Pan, who is also accused in the scheme.

Dominic Recchia, Erik Dilan and Lew Fidler were the City Council’s biggest purveyors of pork. 

Indicted Bronx councilman Larry Seabrook got nothing, however. 

The head of New York Anti-Defamation League didn’t approve of Ruben Diaz comparing abortion laws to Hitler.

City lawmakers want to regulate the car wash industry the same way that the tow trucks, garages, and other industries are regulated.

The hospital executive who bribed Carl Kruger got four months in jail. 

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman announced that New York will become the first state to require pro bono work for lawyers to be admitted to the bar.

About 1,000 people participated in May Day protests in New York yesterday, culminating in the arrest of 30 or so.

The Department of Consumer Affairs found that one in three funeral homes are violating consumer rights.

Colin Meyer, the editor of the Daily News became a prime target of a British parliamentary panel’s report on the phone-hacking scandal.

Antoine Thompson appears to be contemplating a comeback. 

After a relatively easy trip through the primaries, Mitt Romney is now facing the task of running against an incumbent president who can largely set the agenda. 

Obama vowed to finish the job in Afghanistan. 

Chris Christie said that Mitt Romney would need to convince him to be his running mate. 

The American people want the war in Afghanistan over already. 

Morning Read: The Presidential Courting of Mike Bloomberg; A Hearty Huzzah To Quinn; Pork Politics