New Web App Conveniently Unsubscribes You From All Those Annoying Daily Deals Emails

Your inbox will thank you for it.

Ms. Pische (Google+)

Daily deals were on the rise last year, and for a few heady months everyone got really excited about them. Groupon’s copy was still cute and quirky and hadn’t yet begun to tip over into cloying; 2-for-1 skydiving lessons were still a happy novelty; this reporter even interviewed for a Google Offers copywriting gig (and no, she didn’t get it).

But then came that faint gloom cloud, and suddenly the daily deal business model was being called into question. And frankly, it got really, really tiring to delete emails from Groupon, Living Social and Google Offers on a regular basis for coupons we would occasionally buy and then never use.

That’s why we’re thankful for Unsubscribe Deals, a new web application from a “recovering lawyer” named Edwin Hermawan and a West Village waitress named Lea Pische. In one easy step, the app connects to your Gmail account and automatically unsubscribes you from the deals emails you signed up for, including Groupon, Amazon Local and Daily Candy.

From an email Ms. Pische sent us:

We started at a hackathon. At Pivotal Labs if you must know. We were trying to hijack a Pivotal Labs engineer and find our mythical tech cofounder. All we got were awkward interactions and a random conversation about postgreSQL.

While stumbling home, we started checking our text messages and emails… and we kept getting these emails from daily deal sites. My ESPN digest and fantasy league update totally got lost.

So we woke up, called our our favourite Polish front end coder and a favor from my Muay Thai sparring partner (he happens to be a really good designer that I could never ever afford) and made

We help the 99% that get flooded by daily deal emails. What side are you on?

We think Ms. Pische and Mr. Hermawan might have careers in creative writing or PR should this whole Unsubscribe Deals thing not work out. New Web App Conveniently Unsubscribes You From All Those Annoying Daily Deals Emails