Newly Rich Facebook Workers Like Banksy

A Banksy. (Courtesy the artist)

On the occasion of the Facebook IPO, The New York Times has a story today that claims consumption in Silicon Valley tends to be quieter than it is in other industries. At the office, anyway.

With friends you can brag about buying Banksy. From the piece:

Off the corporate campuses and out of public view, it seems, there is little anxiety about spending. Friends of Facebook employees say that they have talked about buying houses, of course, but also planes — a seaplane even — and works by popular artists like Banksy, whose pieces can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just do not expect them to post about any of that on their Facebook pages.

When I wrote about how tech dudes in this town collect, I did notice that they seem to like street art. I think it has something to do being disruptive, which is the mantra of the tech world. Newly Rich Facebook Workers Like Banksy