Newspaper endorsements

The Star-Ledger this weekend endorsed Bill Pascrell in CD 9 and Ronald C. Rice in CD 10.

The Ledger slammed Rothman for running a negative campaign and for opposing a fellow Democrat rather than run against Tea Party darling U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-5).

“Rothman had a chance to run against Rep. Scott Garrett (R-5th), an uncompromising extremist who personifies what is wrong with Congress today. Rothman chose instead to do battle with Pascrell on this safer Democratic turf, most of it in Passaic and Bergen counties. That’s a pity. Yes, Rothman has a reasonable claim on this new district, given that most of it was in his district under the old map. Beating Garrett in the 5th District would be tough, and re-election in 2014 even tougher, assuming Republicans found a more mainstream candidate. But make no mistake: This is a career move for Rothman. If he were more of a team player, he would have gone after Garrett, come what may.”

In the 10th, the newspaper fretted about frontrunner Donald Payne, Jr.’s lack of preparation and criticized state Sen. Nia Gill for lack of transparency and for failing to build coalitions.

The Ledger endorsed Rice.

“Of the three, he has the sharpest take on federal policy. And he at least has some responsible suggestions on how to reduce the national debt — by letting all the Bush tax cuts expire and reverting to the rates in place during the Clinton years.”

Newspaper endorsements