Obama Bundler Anna Wintour ‘Honored’ President Came Forward in Favor Gay Marriage

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Anna Wintour made a charming appearance

Anna Wintour made a charming appearance on The Colbert Report to thank President Obama for endorsing gay marriage and promote the Met Costume Institute’s Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit.

“I don’t trust Prada because it’s my understanding that the devil wears Prada,” quipped the Evangelism-affecting Stephen Colbert.

Ouch. But then, by the time she and Mr. Colbert are making plans to put on sweatpants, hit Long John Silver’s and go “bobbing for French fries,” we actually kind of believed her retort: “That movie is so last year.”

Yet another thing to love in it: Mr. Colbert addresses Ms. Wintour as both “Tough Guy” and “Young Lady.”

Which sums her up perfectly and conveniently brings us to our next topic…

The New York Review of Magazines thinks The Atlantic‘s sudden affinity for conversation-starting articles about gender and written by women (Kate Bolick, Hannah Rosin, Caitlin Flanagan) may be a “new business model.” Eureka. Let’s call it, “Finally Marketing to Both Halves of the Population.” [NYRM]

Business Insider blogger Joe Weisenthal “eschews sugar.” [NY Times Magazine]

Times columnist Tom Friedman was elected co-chair of the Pulitzer Prize board, making him the only known Pulitzer chair who has been pied. [Capital NY]

Howard Stern and Matt Lauer hang out, drink wine, cuddle. [NY Post]

VICE’s gonzo video reporting won’t be a secret gem of Internet media much longer. The Brooklyn media company is partner with HBO for a weekly newsmagazine hosted by Vice founder Shane Smith, produced by Bill Maher, consulted on by Fareed Zakaria, according to a release put out by HBO just now.

Oooooh Ann Coulter just sold a book that is “directly relevant to the presidential election,” but all “details are confidential for now.” [Publishers Marketplace]

New York Times assistant managing editor Susan Chira was mailed fake anthrax in a swastika envelope. [NY Post]


Obama Bundler Anna Wintour ‘Honored’ President Came Forward in Favor Gay Marriage