Opposites or Not?

It appears that opposites do indeed attract.  Last week, controversial conservative columnist and author, Anne Coulter said she supported Chris Christie for Vice-President in 2012.  Last year at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Conference, Coulter touted Christie as her choice for President.

So let’s look at this for a second.  Anne Coulter is a tall, skinny, blonde conservative, while Chris Christie, well, uh, …..isn’t. 

To Christie’s credit, he took on the teachers union and the state employee unions. He did tell the Feds to get lost when they wanted NJ to build the tunnel to Macy’s basement. He also has at least made some attempt to cut spending.  But Anne, that’s not the whole story!

For starters, Governor Christie brags about his cap on property taxes. The truth is that Christie compromised on his “hard cap” on property taxes.  Now, instead of reducing taxes as he promised, they will continue to rise. We will see a 2% increase in school taxes, a 2% increase in municipal taxes, plus any increases in health and pension benefits, existing contracts and debt payment.  Under Corzine, we received reduced rebates and saw property taxes rise approximately 16% over during his four (4) years.  Under Christie, property taxes are rising at the rate of about 7% per year – some cap!   What a “savings!”

As a budget cutter, a good portion of the cuts were due to federal money NJ was no longer getting. We have yet to see any significant lay-offs from the bloated state government he complained about during the campaign.  We have, however, eliminated motor vehicle safety inspections.

In his first year, Chris Christie approved $8 billion in new borrowing.  This represents a 20% increase in our state debt in one (1) year! And, the voters were not given the opportunity to vote on this new debt.

Candidate Christie criticized state support for Atlantic City. He pointed out that Nevada did not promote Las Vegas.  Now, we are on the hook for $251 million for the Revel Casino and the cost of managing Christie’s new casino district in Atlantic City.

Christie also chose to spend Jon Corzine’s highway toll increases instead of asking that they not be implemented.  He also refused to prevent the New Jersey/New York Port Authority from imposing the largest bridge toll increases in history.

Now Christie is spearheading an unneeded and unwanted merger of state universities, Rutgers and UMDNJ, for no valid reason.  The estimated cost of this boondoggle is $850,000 and $1 billion!  Yes, you read that correctly, between $850,000 and $1 Billion.  Essentially, no one really knows how much it will cost.

Anne Coulter referred to Christie as a “manly man.” Well, her “manly man” refused to take a stand on the Ground Zero Mosque, nominated a defender of suspected terrorist to be a Superior Court Judge and her “man” was also quoted as saying that it is not a crime to be in this country illegally.  Huh?

I have never been a fan of Anne Coulter because I felt half the time she really did not make sense and that she focused on sensationalism rather than facts. Now that I mention it, maybe Anne Coulter and Chris Christie aren’t so opposite after all.


Opposites or Not?