Prieto bill would mandate monthly revenue reports

TRENTON – Assembly members introduced several bills, including one that would mandate prompt reporting every month of the status of state funds, particularly revenues.

A2885: Sponsored by Budget Committee Chair Vincent Prieto, (D-32), Secaucus, this bill would update the monthly reporting requirements statute.  This will enhance the current practice of monthly reporting to include the condition and income of all major state funds, including prompt disclosure of the state’s accrued revenues as compared with anticipated revenues, itemized by revenue source for major taxes.

The monthly report is to be completed and published no later than the 10th working day following the end of each month, instead of at the end of the following month. 

A2958: This bill, sponsored by Celeste Riley, (R-3), Bridgeton, requires school districts to allow home-schooled students and students who attend charter schools to participate in interscholastic sports programs in the student’s resident district in accordance with the same criteria established for students enrolled in the district.

A2968: This bill, sponsored by Craig Coughlan, (D-19), Woodbridge, authorizes the state treasurer to sell to Sansone Mall Realty, LLC, a 4.3-acre parcel of land and an 8.06-acre parcel of land on the grounds of the East Jersey State Prison located in Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, which have been declared as surplus property.  Sansone Mall Realty will pay the state $1 million and $850,000 respectively, for the properties based on appraisals. 

Prieto bill would mandate monthly revenue reports