Professional Nerd Uses Scam to Buy More LEGOs

He could have used his skills to save the world. Instead, he stole some LEGOs.

The “Computer Programmer” LEGO minifigure. (

It’s not always sunny in Legoland, guys. NBC Bay Area reports that Thomas Langenbach, a VP at ERP software company SAP Labs in Palo Alto, has been arrested for stealing LEGOs. Mr. Langenbach, who likes to go by “Lord LEGOs” (okay, not really), used his computer expertise to create new bar codes, which he stuck overtop of regular Target bar codes in order to purchase LEGOs at reduced prices.

Target caught Mr. Langenbach on camera switching the tickets, because the store keeps close track of LEGO sales even though it’s no longer the ’90s.

“LEGOs are very popular and expensive,” a police spokesperson assured NBC.

Mr. Langenbach is a multimillionaire, so it’s not like he’s some poor tragic figure who really just wanted to build a LEGO castle for his son’s birthday. Some just do it for the thrill, we suppose.

SAP makes enterprise software used by big retailers like FreshDirect. Perhaps Target runs SAP software, and that’s what made it so easy for Mr. Langenbach to print out new bar codes? Judging from this jobs page, the company definitely use SAP in at least some of its stores. And oh look, here’s a handy guide from SAP on how to print bar codes.

No word yet on how the programmer LEGO minifigure feels about all this.

Professional Nerd Uses Scam to Buy More LEGOs