Rothman has twice the cash on hand as Pascrell

The Rothman Campaign feels good about the final stretch as allies of Bill Pascrell brace for a big money barrage from the Bergenite.

According to reports the campaigns filed with the FEC, Pascrell raised and spent more than Rothman, but Rothman has more money for the remaining days of the competitive race.

Pascrell has $704,388 cash on hand.

Rothman has $1,320,601 cash on hand.

“Ultimately it’s up to the voters,” said Rothman spokesman Paul Swibinksi. “But in close races, candidates who have almost twice as much cash on hand almost always win. We will have all the resources we need to communicate our message and we are very confident Steve is going to win.”

The Pascrell Campaign emphasized the positive.

“We are continuing to raise money for this campaign at a tremendous rate, outpacing our opponent for the six-week period  between April 1 and May 16 by $266,595 to $191,914 and for the cycle 1.639MM to 1.242MM,” said Pascrell Spokesman Sean Darcy. “With contributions pouring in from far and wide, spanning middle-class taxpayers throughout north Jersey and Democratic leadership in Washington and with $704k already on hand, the Pascrell campaign will have more than enough money to effectively communicate our message and continue to explain the vast differences between these two candidates to Democratic voters in advance of June 5.”

Rothman has twice the cash on hand as Pascrell