Roundup: I Told You So

More trouble for Cory Booker: Sharpe James is eyeing a comeback.

Booker’s former opponent weighed in on the latest Bain dust-up.

Elizabeth Crowley was rained upon while other Queens district leaders were in a meeting.

In that meeting the Queens Democratic Party voted to endorse Jerry Iannece for Rory Lancman’s Assembly seat.

Lancman continued to tout his support from Ed Koch.

While Ed Koch continued to tout his support of Barack Obama.

Tom Allon blended work and politics, twice.

Senate candidate Ryan Cronin picked up a nice union endorsement.

As did Hakeem Jeffries.

People keep comparing Jeffries to President Obama.

He recently stumped in a new corner of the district.

John Liu released a report on the city’s wealth disparity.

Albany’s rising stars.

Cab fares could be going up soon.

Mayor Bloomberg gave some stock picking advice.

If you haven’t read Adrianne Jeffries’ report on the Orthodox rally at CitiField last night, you should.

The New York Post obtained footage of an NYPD officer issuing a rather unusual threat to suspects.

Some swing states have more swing voters than others.

Dick Cheney will host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney.

Ed Kilgore explains the conservative obsession with the vetting of Barack Obama.

Marco Rubio tries to rally disillusioned Obama 08 voters.

The Karl Rove led American Crossroads SuperPAC has five times as much cash on hand as its Democratic counterpart.

The hacker group Anonymous claims to have leaked a massive cache of Department of Justice documents.

Talk show host and Obama Super PAC donor Bill Maher wrote a Tweet describing Mormonism as “a cult.”

A congressional candidate in Northern California has been getting stoned on the campaign trail.

The University of Notre Dame is suing President Obama over his contraception coverage mandate.

D.C. Councilman Marion Barry, formerly a mayor in the District of Columbia, Tweeted his thanks to the “kind professional Filipino staff” who are helping him during a hospital stay in Las Vegas.

Roundup: I Told You So