Roundup: It Means You’re An Idiot

Christine Quinn is writing a memoir.Bob Turner and Wendy Long sent out statements to spin today’s latest poll results showing them far behind Kirsten Gillibrand.

David Yassky isn’t beloved by everyone.

David Carlucci may have a primary challenger.

And in turn, the IDC might back a primary challenger against a sitting Democrat.
John Sampson said he’s focused on legislating, not who the next leader of his conference will be.

Jezebel considers Grace Meng “kickass.”

Hill Krishnan’s campaign kept generating interest in the Indian press.

Nydia Velázquez argued she’s not a Wall Street crony.

Ed Towns’ Chief of Staff is running for district leader.

A former NYPD intelligence officer pushed back against the AP’s series on the department’s spying of Muslims.

John Liu found more problems with the 911 system.

I Love New York is changing.

Not everyone is a fan. (“What does ‘I SHAMROCK GUINNESS” mean?” Tom McGeveran wrote. “It means you’re an idiot.”)

Your commute may be killing you.

Hakeem Jeffries is advertising his childhood.

Barack Obama called Mitt Romney to congratulate him on winning the GOP nod. White House spokesman Jay Carney later described the conversation as “very collegial and friendly,” but added  “not, of course, particularly long.”

The Associated Press has a “prostitution problem” in front of their Washington D.C. bureau.

A new website lets you read Tweets deleted by politicians.

Media Matters says this anti-Obama Fox & Friends clip “may violate News Corp.’s own internal policy for ethical behavior.”

Urban Outfitters has some election-themed offerings among their selection of ironic t-shirts.

Molly Ball profiles Stephanie Cutter, the rapid response maven of the Obama 2012 effort.

The Atlantic asked birthers for their thoughts on Mitt Romney’s birth certificate.

Allen West dismissed allegations that he had assaulted an Iraqi police officer while serving overseas:  “If you guys want to go back and talk about what happened nine years ago for me, let’s talk about the president doing blow, and smoking dope.”

Prominent birther/Romney surrogate Donald Trump doesn’t think Mitt’s birth certificate needs to be looked into.

North Korea’s new despot, Kim Jong Un, took a fun-filled trip to the zoo.

And finally, on account of the beginning of summer, we give you six covers of the Mister Softee jingle.

Roundup: It Means You’re An Idiot