Roundup: Man Up

Jerry Nadler and Scott Stringer are raising for Hakeem Jeffries.

Shelly Silver spiked the football with President Obama’s Albany visit.

Liz Benjamin’s got the low-down on the guest list.

Barack Obama’s tech team are putting together a fundraiser in Brooklyn tonight.

Russians in New York still lean Republican, but Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, the only native of the Soviet Union to hold office in New York, thinks this will change as the younger generation grows more educated: “The more you know, the more liberal you become.”

The Fidler/Storobin debacle has inspired a bill in Albany.

The UFC had shirts printed to celebrate the now-shelved legalization of Mixed Martial Arts.

A record number of women and minorities applied to be firefighters.

The Senate called on the Assembly to pass an auto insurance fraud law.

What to look for in elections tonight in North Carolina, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Mitt Romney attempted to claim the Clinton mantle.

Chris Christie remains popular in the Garden State.

Here’s the full text of Obama’s speech.

Oof. The RNC’s Director of Hispanic Outreach said that Mitt Romney was “still deciding what his position on immigration is.”

With a gay marriage vote on the ballot tonight, Barack Obama cancelled a planned trip to North Carolina.

Ed Rendell said that Obama should “man up” already and come out in favor of gay marriage.

Republicans voted to block a bill that would have frozen student loan rates.

Mitt Romney is spending tomorrow having a fundraiser at the home of an Oklahoma oil billionaire.

Scott Brown attacked Elizabeth Warren directly for the first time for her claims of Native American ancestry.

Nancy Pelosi poached the editor-in-chief of Think Progress.

The Obama campaign was warned about John Edwards. Roundup: Man Up