Roundup: Not Even On The Same Planet As What The Nazis Did To The Jews

Liz Benjamin, Rick Karlin and Maggie Haberman dug into some labor delegate drama happening in New York.

Eric Schneiderman penned an op-ed on Citizens United.

In Washington, there is a growing sense that Charlie Rangel’s congressional career is coming to an end.

Azi Paybarah profiled City Hall reporters.

George Maragos wants to call off the whole Facebook IPO thing.

Mark Murphy vowed to stand up for the health care reform legislation.

A needless paperwork error was at fault for Michael Grimm losing the Independence line.

More on why the Brooklyn Tea Party decided to buck Bob Turner for George Maragos.

Charles Barron said he’s not controversial.

Chuck Schumer didn’t like it when Grover Norquist compared his going after Eduardo Saverin for dodging the U.S. Treasury to Germany circa 1939, saying it’s “not even on the same planet as what the Nazis did to the Jews.”

He’s been going through an evolution.

DC 37 said they weren’t concerned about some of the things Barron’s said in the past.

Mike Gianaris insisted Governor Cuomo is still on their team.

Rory Lancman and Bob Turner touted their Jewish credentials on Capital Tonight.

Andrew Gounardes was endorsed by the UAW.

Senate Democrats kept on fighting for a minimum wage.

The Jimmy Vielkind file doesn’t exist in Cuomo’s administration, apparently.

Gotham Gazette looked into a proposed environmental law that would allow polluters to audit themselves.

New York’s media hasn’t been impressed with anti-anonymous comments legislation.

A construction worker fell to his death on the east side.

Shocker! Mitt Romney was not greeted warmly in West Philadelphia.

Newt Gingrich will attend a Mitt Romney fundraiser with Donald Trump in Las Vegas.

A presidential forecasting model gives Obama a slight edge.

The AARP thinks failed presidential candidate and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is a total hottie.

Alyssa Rosenberg says conservatives are wrong to attack the Obama administration for giving Kathryn Bigelow the greenlight to do research on her Osama bin Laden movie.

Women have ceased donating in large numbers to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt is a hardcore pornographer and also a “hardcore supporter of President Obama’s.”

D.C. Council member and former crackhead mayor Marion Barry used a slur to describe Polish people while apologizing for offensive remarks he recently made about Filipinos and Koreans.

Speaking of porn, Bill Clinton palled around with some adult film stars in Monte Carlo.

Roundup: Not Even On The Same Planet As What The Nazis Did To The Jews