Roundup: That Stickler When It Came to His Soup Was No Hitler Either

Wonk Room says that Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban large sugary drinks may actually work.

A conservative blogger asks: Is Mike Bloomberg a Sugar Nazi?, although he later clarified that it was a reference to the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld. “That stickler when it came to his soup was no Hitler either.” Conservative Party Senate nominee Wendy Longpledged to support the GOP nominee, while promising to be the GOP nominee.

Hakeem Jeffries dropped out of a congressional debate.

Mike Bloomberg reads 8 newspapers a day in dead-tree form.

Cameras were kicked out of the public portion of the first JCOPE meeting.

The Cuomo administration sold off its “trains to nowhere.”

Dana Rubenstein has the backstory on how Christine Quinn’s memoir came to be.

City Hall spokesman Stu Loeser and his wife had a baby boy and Mr. Loeser marked the occasion with a soda ban related quip about the child’s weight.

Rudy Crew was named the top education official in Oregon.

A federal appeals court found the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

A watchdog group called for Ed Towns’ campaign car to be investigated.

The City Council’s annual budget dance is heating up again.

Mayor Bloomberg vetoed the living wage bill, as promised.

Say goodbye to those awkward signals on top of taxi cabs.

Eric Schneiderman launched a new open government website.

James Sanders announced his state senate campaign.

The corruption case against John Edwards ended with a not guilty verdict and a mistrial on 5 of the 6 counts.

The Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court.

POLITICO sees bias in the way the Times  and Post cover Obama and Romney.

Lots of people criticized POLITICO over this article.

Both papers pushed back against the claim.

GQ defended the papers.

The American Prospect called the post “working the refs.”

HuffPo’s Jason Linkins and Ana Marie Cox predict Politico’s staff will end up in hell.

Elizabeth Warren admitted that told Harvard and Penn that she was of Native American heritage.

David Axelrod said he didn’t have any concerns about the Warren flap.

Marco Rubio says that Latinos will come around on Mitt Romney.

The Obama campaign hit Mitt Romney on his record as governor.

Bill Clinton is getting involved in the Scott Walker recall.

The man who produced an anti-Obama video for Fox and Friends lost a job offer with CNN.

Roundup: That Stickler When It Came to His Soup Was No Hitler Either