Roundup: We Didn’t Make It An Issue

Even more details emerged about Christine Quinn’s wedding tomorrow. (She’s nervous.)

Right-wing editorial boards and bloggers swooped in to defend Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin from Chuck Schumer.

Mike Bloomberg on Stop-and-Frisk: “We don’t racial profile.”

Elizabeth Crowley’s campaign, profiled.

She appears to be getting her marching orders from the PBA.

Do more isolated state capitols lead to more corruption?

Christine Quinn will be attending an anti-stop-and-frisk march next month.

Lincoln Restler will need to improve on his 2010 performance to have a shot at reelection

Dan O’Connor announced a web ad.

Kevin Parker isn’t enamored with the New York State Democratic Party.

Grace Meng picked up a local union.

A campaign finance group is targeting eight state senators.

Tom Allon defended stop-and-frisks.

“Who is Dr. Robert Mittman?”

New legislation could make it harder to add historic districts in Queens.

Mitt Romney and his wife gave their own campaign $150,000.

The Eagle Forum doesn’t think its a good thing that minority births are out-stripping white births, since “they do not share our values.”

A  look at what Mitt Romney’s Day One plan would really do.

Kathleen Sibelius spoke on the separation of the church and state.

Did Mitt Romney kill Americans Elect?

It’s hard to find a Democrat in North Carolina who thinks that Obama will win there.

Joe Biden doesn’t blame people in West Virginia for voting for a convicted felon over Barack Obama.

And Biden on same-sex marriage: “We didn’t make it an issue

Roundup: We Didn’t Make It An Issue