Roundup: We Honestly Have No Idea Which Way He Would Go

Bob Turner refused to rule out tax increases as a way to balance the federal budget.

A number of Dan Halloran domain names were purchased by  a defunct, neo-pagan charity founded by Halloran.

State Financial Services Superintendent Ben Lawsky announced a new regulations that give insurance companies more leeway to decline claims if they suspect fraud.

Mitt Romney had a private breakfast with Mike Bloomberg at his philanthropic foundation this morning. 

Bloomberg apparently played some golf with Joe Biden last week.

The Atlantic suggests that Bloomberg is such a good get “because we honestly have no idea which way he would go.”

Romney also appeared at firehouse in Lower Manhattan “to keep the pot boiling between him and President Obama over the decision to pursue Bin Laden into Pakistan, accusing Mr. Obama of politicizing the issue.”

Romney was heckeled about the “dog on the roof” story (among other things) while he was there.

Add Dick Grasso the list of people calling for Ray Kelly to run for mayor. 

Senate Democrats call for the public financing of campaigns. 

The Historic Districts Council is warning about a number of bills before the City Council that they say are designed to make the Landmarks Preservation Commission “ineffectual” and that provide “faulty intellectual rationales for the Council to reject designations at the behest of developers.”

Why the Bloomberg safe streets initiative will outlast the Bloomberg administration.

John Flanagan predicted that medical marijuana will be on the legislative agenda next year.

Richard Grenell, an openly gay spokesman for Mitt Romney, resigned today amidst pressur from social conservatives.

To Jonathan Chait, the move shows that Mitt Romney can’t afford to anger any part of his base.

Will Marco Rubio’s support among Cuban-Americans translate into support among other Hispanic voters?

Health care opponent Scott Brown copped to using the provision that allows children under 26 to stay on their parents plan.

Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

Public support for the Supreme Court hit a 25-year low.

Mitt Romney is slated to visit the RNC this week, before heading for a couple of days of campaigning in Virginia, a state where Obama still has a slight lead. 

Obama may not run another positive ad.

Roundup: We Honestly Have No Idea Which Way He Would Go