Roundup: Who Are You?

Scott Stringer’s spokeswoman, Audrey Gelman, starred in Girls yesterday.

Cory Booker’s spokeswoman denied that her resignation had anything to do with Meet the Press.

Wendy Long’s new campaign manager: Rob Ryan.

Mayor Bloomberg and three 2013 contenders will raise money for Charlie Rangel.

CREW bopped Michael Grimm again.

Actor Eric Etebari will be joining a rally for Grimm’s rival, Mark Murphy.

Rich Becker is proud of the tracker following his campaign.

Shaming Andrew Cuomo on the minimum wage.

Mark Green endorsed Rory Lancman.

New York City is launching a map of parking availability.

Bloomberg: “Shelly Silver’s a principled guy.”

Another challenger filed against Shirley Huntley.

Bill de Blasio said his campaign contributions from the taxi industry isn’t a conflict of interest.

Labor likes Toby Ann Stavisky.

State Senator Andrew Lanza introduced a bill that would authorize the use of speed cameras, the first time such a bill has been live in the upper chamber.

Meet Brooklyn-born Mia Love, the newest Republican star.

Asked how he would introduce himself to voters, Mitt Romney said, “ I’m just a kid that wants to make a difference for America.”

This week the presidential campaign seems set to become Donald Trump vs. Solyndra.

Louis Farrakhan attacked Obama over his support for marriage equality:

Why Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz may come back and win the GOP Senate primary in Texas.

Bob Dylan wore sunglasses to pick up his Medal of Freedom from President Obama.

Attorney General Eric Holder is briefing black ministers on how to campaign for the president.

Mormons are preparing to march in LGBT pride parades around the country.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have much chance of winning his home state of Michigan this November.

Does the Wisconsin recall matter for the presidential election?

Roundup: Who Are You?