Roundup: You Don’t Have Jesus Running Against Someone Else. You Have Obama Running Against Romney

After lunching with Ray Kelly, Guy Molinari said that the police commissioner will not be a candidate for mayor.

Retiring Rep. Gary Ackerman formed a PAC, possibly to help him distribute his leftover campaign funds.

Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn made their endorsements.

Hamodia headline: “Rory Lancman: Congressional Race All About Israel”

Today’s Siena Poll had good news for both State Senate Republicans and Democrats.

Rich Becker released a video of a town hall showing support for him and lack of support for Nan Hayworth. He also discussed the issue on Facebook with the Democrat Hayworth defeated in 2010.

Every 2013 mayoral candidate except Christine Quinn was invited to a ceremony for a progressive Democratic club.

Quinn’s father interrupted a press conference of hers to deliver a decorative hair piece for her wedding on Saturday.

Michael Grimm spoke out against cuts to Fort Hamilton’s WMD-response team.

Nicole Malliotakis was endorsed by the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.

Viewing child pornography in New York State may soon be made illegal again.

In the evening after President Obama released an ad attacking Mitt Romney’s tenure at  Bain Capital, the president heads to the home a fundraiser who defended the private equity industry.

The Daily Politics posted President Obama’s full speech at Barnard College.

Bon Jovi will help Obama raise money.

Scott Brown’s path from Tea Party favorite to centrist.

In picking a vice-president, Mitt Romney’s goal is to avoid the mistakes of John McCain.

The job of “humanizing” Mitt Romney has fallen to Garrett Jackson, his body-man.

Romney lost a prominent donor over the gay marriage issue.

John Derbyshire re-emerges, with a rousing defense of white supremacy.

Mitt Romney’s campaign is downgrading the number of jobs Bain created.

Pat Robertson could offer only faint praise for Romney: “You don’t have Jesus running against someone else. You have Obama running against Romney.”

There is even a partisan divide in baby names.

Roundup: You Don’t Have Jesus Running Against Someone Else. You Have Obama Running Against Romney