Rupert Murdoch Would Like To Talk To You About Ron Paul

Rupert Murdoch (Photo: Twitter)

Prolific Tweeter and Fox media mogul Rupert Murdoch is reading a book about Ron Paul and he would like to discuss it with his fellow social media enthusiasts.

“Just reading new book on Ron Paul. Fascinating. Ron sure model of consistency, right or wrong. Any tweeters wish to debate?” Mr. Murdoch wrote on his Twitter page a few minutes ago. 

So far, Mr. Murdoch hasn’t engaged in any Paul-related discussion yet. A few minutes before he polled followers on Mr. Paul, he posted a rather cryptic, unrelated political observation.

“When? Women voting is best thing in a hundred years,” Mr. Murdoch wrote, a propos of nothing.

Mr. Murdoch’s interest is Mr. Paul is rather surprising. Many of Mr. Paul’s supporters  believe the mainstream media, including Fox News, have ignored their candidate. Mr. Murdoch is pretty much the archetype of an establishment Republican, it will be interesting to see if his recent reading causes him to embrace some of Mr. Paul’s more libertarian ideas about drugs and banking.


Rupert Murdoch Would Like To Talk To You About Ron Paul