Sarah Sze Discusses Her Work, Rose Butter

The artist. (Courtesy Mike Barnett/Bronx Museum of the Arts)

Perhaps you read Andrea K. Scott’s profile of sculptor Sarah Sze last week in The New Yorker and want to know a little bit more about the artist, who is representing the United State at the 2013 Venice Biennale. The magazine has just the thing for you, linking in a recent post to a short video lecture by Ms. Sze shot at the Mudam museum in Luxembourg.

“I like to have a piece where you feel like you’re almost entering a studio space,” the artist says in the video, standing next to a site-specific work she built for the show. “You imagine it being made, and you imagine it falling apart.”

Ms. Sze likes to use all sorts of unusual objects in her assemblages (credit cards, screws, pills and so forth), and you can watch along as she adds rose butter (which sounds nice) from her lunch in the installation.

[youtube=] Sarah Sze Discusses Her Work, Rose Butter