Sarlo criticizes Christie’s ‘personal attacks’ of Rosen

TRENTON – Sen. Paul Sarlo, (D-36), Wood-Ridge, went on the offensive this morning, criticizing Governor Chris Christie’s verbal attack Wednesday on David Rosen, the Office of Legislative Services budget chief.

While Rosen delivered bleak economic forecasts Wednesday in the Statehouse, Christie called Rosen the “Dr. Kevorkian” of the numbers, and said, “Why would anyone with a functioning brain believe this guy?”

“No member of this Legislature…agrees with the comments and personal attacks and criticisms of you by the governor,” Sarlo said to Rosen at the start of the Senate Budget Committee hearing this morning. “I find that to be just wrong…[people] may disagree with you on the numbers, but that’s no reason to (launch) a personal attack on your credibility.”

Sarlo said all of the Democrats and Republicans “disagree with the governor’s remarks,” and asked that if anyone disagreed with Sarlo’s comments, to do so publicly.  No one responded.

Rosen did not respond to Sarlo’s comments, and began his testimony, the same as he delivered before the Assembly hearing Wednesday.

Sarlo criticizes Christie’s ‘personal attacks’ of Rosen