Scudder Falls bridge project foes come together

TRENTON – A diverse coalition is scheduled to state its opposition today to the replacement of the Scudder Falls bridge over the Delaware River.

This bipartisan show of force will bring together political advocates who normally are not on the same stage.

Sens. Michael Doherty, (R-23), Washington Township,  and Shirley Turner, (D-15), Trenton, as well as Jeff Tittel, head of the N.J. Sierra Club, and Steve Lonegan, head of Americans for Prosperity, will appear at the Statehouse today with a commissioner of the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission to state their opposition to the huge traffic project, which includes replacing the existing bridge and creating a toll system to help finance it since it has no federal funding.

It’s a project authorized by the Commission, but its opponents fear this project, which they  estimate will cost $330 million, will exacerbate – not relieve – congestion. The Commission, however, states the project is a necessity and that traffic is projected to increase from about 58,000 vehicles a day in 2007 to 77,000 by 2030. Scudder Falls bridge project foes come together