Senate Dems Jokingly ‘Thank’ Cuomo for Vetoing Redistricting Plan [Video]

(Photo: YouTube)

Governor Andrew Cuomo dashed Senate Democrats’ hopes for independent or court-drawn redistricting plans by signing onto maps gerrymandered to favor the GOP in the State Senate and the Democrats in the Assembly, and at tonight’s Legislative Correspondents Association show at the Hotel Albany, some of those Senate Democrats tweaked Mr. Cuomo with some self-deprecating humor.

In the video, Senator Mike Gianaris, one of the most prominent voices pushing Mr. Cuomo to veto the lines, teamed up with Senators Liz Krueger and Kevin Parker to “call” the governor and ask him to honor his vow to strike the map down. Mr. Cuomo’s office didn’t take his phone call, but Mr. Gianaris pretended to discuss the issue with the governor and secure his commitment … with the dial tone.

The entire skit portrayed Mr. Gianaris as rather naive on the issue, going on to a fake episode of Inside City Hall where former Governor David Paterson and former U.S. Senator Al D’Amato mocked him quietly.

“What a putzhead. Does he really think anyone cares about this bullshit?” Mr. D’Amato thought out loud while Mr. Gianaris rambled about the subject, for example.

At another point, Mr. Gianaris spoke  lengthily on the moral need for redistricting reform while State Senator Gustavo Rivera played Angry Birds on his iPhone with his colleague Dan Squadron. Mr. Gianaris only started to notice that he’d lost the battle when his house was moved into neighoring Senator Jose Peralta’s district and he found out that Mr. Peralta, renamed “Jose Peraltaopoulus,” had literally moved into his residence in Astoria.

Watch below:

Senate Dems Jokingly ‘Thank’ Cuomo for Vetoing Redistricting Plan [Video]