Startup News: Everyone’s Launching Everything All the Time At TechCrunch Disrupt

TC Disrupt NYC 2012

The News In News It’s a big day for Qwiki. When last we heard from the company, Qwiki was turning info from Wikipedia and elsewhere into multimedia visual presentations. After a brief period in San Francisco, the company has returned to New York City and adapted its technology to the news business. Today comes the announcement of the “Qwiki Creator,” which turns web content–video and static pages–into a rich content presentation. Qwiki’s partner for the launch? ABC News. Not too shabby.

Shop Right New to digital shopping list Ziplist: a free Meal Planner, a queue designed to act as a “Netflix for things you want to make sometime soon,” the company says. Users can save recipes to specific days with an eye to when they’ll have more or less prep time, then they can add the necessary ingredients to their shopping list. The planner can also be synced with family members’ calendars. The planner, by the way, is the company’s first big featured released since its Conde Nast acquisition.

Accepting applications The inaugural class of healthcare accelerator Blueprint Health is off and running. Organizers report that teams have already raised $4 million in seed capital. But time and tide wait for no entrepreneur, and so applications are now open for the second class, which launches July 23. Early-stage healthcare startups in search of mentors and money should investigate.

Park It Now available for download in the App Store: A social network for parking. Yes, you read that right. KurbKarma aims to disrupt parking by allowing peer-to-peer coordination, enabling users to find and even reserve available spots. The company is launching in San Francisco and New York, naturally.

Call Me Maybe, which connects consultant-seeking businesses with pros sourced from LinkedIn for quickie consultations, had some announcements at TechCrunch Disrupt. It’s launching in public beta, with a new private audio chat function.  Plus, the company has released some stats from its private beta and would like you to know that 25 percent of their “micro-consultants” are in director or exec-level positions, and 30.5 percent of them are currently making at least $110,000/year. Spiffy!

Look Out My Window Oh hey, look what Github made: A brand new native Github for Windows application. It’ll run on Windows XP, Vista and 7, as well as, when it eventually comes out, Windows 8. Check it out.

Today, In Portlandia Austin has SXSW. Why shouldn’t have Portland have XOXO? Some folks have turned to Kickstarter (but of course) to raise money to throw the city an arts and technology festival celebrating “disruptive creativity.”

A Cool Mil Airbnb has just upgraded its “Host Guarantee,” which previously promised to cover up to $50,000 in damages. The startup now says it will now cover up to $1 million worth of havoc wreaked. Their word is even backed by Lloyd’s of London, a name that has long screamed, “we are hundreds of years old and by God we mean business.”

Trippy We can’t not mention this: Pitchfork is developing something called Soundplay with Intel, as what looks to be a promotion for the Intel Ultrabook. The site has commissioned five “immersive, music-based online games,” based on tracks from Pitchfork-approved musicians like M83, Cut Copy, and Matthew Dear. Here’s the first one, Street Song.

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Startup News: Everyone’s Launching Everything All the Time At TechCrunch Disrupt