Tacita Dean: ‘Film Will Only Die if It Is Murdered’

(Courtesy Jace/Flickr)

Artist Tacita Dean has taken to the pages of The Wrap website (its tagline: “Covering Hollywood”) to slam the film industry for abandoning analog prints in favor of digital.

In her editorial, Ms. Dean makes the case that, because of industry leaders’ obsession with promoting digital technologies, companies and labs dealing with analog film are on the way out, and that she soon may have great difficulty making and screening her film work. (Last year, she debuted a 40-foot-tall piece called FILM in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. Emily Eakin profiled her in The New Yorker to mark the occasion.)

Here’s a bit of the artist’s article:

But I need film print. I need film print because that is what I show and what I cut. I need negative too and intermediary stocks and labs and equipment but most endangered of all is the film print. Our history of cinema needs the film print too.

Ms. Dean has a handsome show of her film work at the New Museum right now. It’s called “Five Americans,” and runs through July 1, 2012.

Tacita Dean: ‘Film Will Only Die if It Is Murdered’