A Very Blue View From An Empty Penthouse

Imagine you had $14,000 a month to rent the penthouse of the Bernard Tschumi-designed Blue Building. Now imagine you had long, thoughtful days empty of distractions like work or child care, days when you could sit and think deep thoughts as you stared out at the city far below through enormous, slanted, blue-tinted windows.

Well, that’s how The Observer felt when we watched the weirdly-captivating time-lapse video by Curbed videographer David Sherwin.

Mr. Sherman set up his camera in the recently-staged penthouse of Blue, a veritable temple of high-lowness on the Lower East Side, revered by New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff and Jersey Shore cast members alike.

The video captures the light coming into the big, sparsely-furnished space over the course of a rainy, cloudy day, eventually fading into night. It’s lovely, and as the penthouse is unoccupied, no one drifts into view to spoil the fantasy. Thank you Curbed!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/42210544 w=500&h=281]

Maybe this day-in-the-life view will finally find persuade someone to move in? The penthouse first became available for rent in early April, after enduring a long and lonely wait on the market for $3.47 million (it was last listed for sale at $2.95 million in March).

You can see other views of the penthouse, although not at all the times of the day, here >>

But now we can say, with authority, that the space looks amazing morning, noon and night. Maybe it’s time to embrace Eventup?

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