That Was Quick: Giuliani Backs Turner

Did Bob Turner step on his own good news?

Today he was asked by Fred Dicker on his radio show if he had any upcoming surprises in his GOP Senate primary, like say an endorsement from Rudy Giuliani, and if there were such an endorsement forthcoming, would it even matter?

Yes, Mr. Turner said. Mr. Giuliani would make a difference. And yes, he added, there are some surprises in store.

Mr. Dicker pressed further, and low and behold, not a few hours later comes the following into The Politicker’s  inbox.

Former New York City Mayor and Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani today endorsed Congressman Bob Turner (R-NY-9) in his candidacy for United States Senate.

“Bob Turner is the definition of a citizen legislator who took his lifelong business experience to Washington,” said Mayor Giuliani. “Now he is running for Senate for the same reason: to put our country back on a path toward job growth and prosperity. He is a proven winner and the only candidate who can defeat the nation’s most liberal senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, in November. I urge my fellow Republicans to join me in supporting him.”

“I’m honored and humbled to receive Mayor Giuliani’s endorsement,” said Rep. Turner. “To the world, he became ‘America’s Mayor,’ but to us here in New York, he was always ‘our’ mayor — a man who had the vision and courage to transform the city in a way critics never thought possible. We are all still benefiting from the results of his leadership and I will look to him for advice and counsel as I seek to make a similar transformation of the federal government in the U.S. Senate.”

Mr. Dicker mused about the effect that a Giuliani endorsement would have, especially if Hizzoner cut TV and radio ads for Mr. Turner. On that, at least, Mr. Turner was able to get away with not answering, and the endorsement release gives no indication of even the two appearing together, as is customary with big endorsements.

Still, Mr. Turner’s strategy in both the general and the primary relies on big vote totals out of New York City, and Mr. Giuliani can certainly help in that regard. That Was Quick: Giuliani Backs Turner