The Obama Campaign’s Massachusetts Field Trip [Video]

David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)
After a few weeks of attacking Mitt Romney for his work at Bain Capital, the Obama campaign is spending the day focusing on his career as governor of Massachusetts. President Barack Obama’s senior political advisor, David Axelrod, is scheduled to appear with local politicians this morning at the Massachusetts State House with local politicians who served under Mr. Romney to “discuss Mitt Romney’s economic philosophy and his failed economic record in Massachusetts.” The campaign also released a web video featuring Massachusetts politicians criticizing Mr. Romney’s record in the Bay State.

The web video begins with footage of Mr. Romney vowing to improve the Massachusetts economy by creating jobs while running for governor and turns to similar claims he has made during this presidential race. Several members of the Massachusetts Legislature former mayors and the current Mayor of Melrose then share their opinions that Mr. Romney’s policies led to less jobs, more debt for the state and a long list of fees for residents.

“There are times when I watch Mitt Romney saying the exact same things now that he said here in Massachusetts in 2002 in a robotic way that is completely hollow,” State Representative Carl Sciortino says in the clip. “It didn’t work here, so I’m not quite sure why he thinks it would work nationally.”

Watch the Obama campaign’s Massachusetts attack ad below.
[youtube] The Obama Campaign’s Massachusetts Field Trip [Video]