Tiger trade, taxicab laws clear Assembly

TRENTON – The Assembly passed numerous bills today, including ones concerning the illegal tiger trade, review of tax expenditures, and taxicabs.

A2200: This bill establishes a registration system and reporting requirements for owners of tigers to be administered by the Department of Environmental Protection in order to ensure that tigers kept in New Jersey are not used in the illegal trade of tigers or tiger body parts.

It passed 67 to 8 with 4 abstentions.

A1582: The bill requires the owner of a taxicab to demonstrate and provide proof of financial responsibility to the clerk of the municipality in which the owner is seeking consent to operate a cab.

It passed 65 to 12.

A2007: This bill enhances the current statutory requirements of the review and evaluation of state tax expenditures regarding whether these various tax breaks have met expectations or are in need of improvement.  State public finance experts recommend that tax preferences be evaluated on par with direct spending programs.

It passed 47 to 31.

Tiger trade, taxicab laws clear Assembly