Weekend Roundup: Long on TV; Thaddeus’ Embarrassment; ‘Giuliani Gets Over Ego’

Wendy Long (Photo: NY1)

The head of SEIU 32BJ is stepping down.

Wendy Long discussed her Senate campaign on Capital Tonight and Inside City Hall.

The New York Times called Albany “self-absorbed.”

And argued a 20% fare increase for taxis is “too much.”

Guy Molinari won’t stop courting Ray Kelly for mayor, even though he’s told him he’s not interested.

The FBI is investigating the Queens Republican Party.

Ridgewood Bushwick received an interestingly-timed loan.

The New York Daily News disagreed with Governor Cuomo’s move to stop finger printing food stamp recipients.

As did the New York Post.

The Post unloaded more criticism on Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes and his handling of sex abuse cases.

Eliot Spitzer’s former prostitute wrote her last relationship advice column for the same publication.

Tom Allon posited that his mayoral rivals are “totally wrong” on stop-and-frisk.

Mayor Bloomberg addressed Cornell graduates.

Chuck Schumer is fighting to reduce fees for parents of young kids on flights.

Some people still think Anthony Weiner was framed.

The Staten Island GOP Chairman runs a tightly regimented operation.

The Staten Island Advance wants the Koenig Sphere to stay in its borough.

On the presidential race:

A former 2012 presidential candidate might not make the ballot in his own congressional race.

Headline: “Giuliani gets over ego and praises Romney”

President Obama and Mitt Romney share some similarities.

Is Romney’s unpopularity in his  home state a bad omen?

Shockingly, a top Romney adviser said Obama’s birthplace isn’t a campaign issue.

Yet they’re still sticking by their man, Donald Trump.

The Times looked into Ann Romney’s equestrian hobby.

Weekend Roundup: Long on TV; Thaddeus’ Embarrassment; ‘Giuliani Gets Over Ego’