Weekend Roundup: School Diversity; Soaring Stop-and-Frisks; Navigating Marriage Waters

Mitt Romney at Liberty University this weekend.

The New York Times looked at the surprising lack of diversity in the city’s public schools.

The NYPD is on track to have a record number of stop-and-frisks in 2012.

The New York Post doesn’t seem to be a fan of Charlie Rangel.

Or the Democrats who supported Rush Holt’s anti-discrimination amendment aimed at the NYPD.

Domenic Recchia was enthusiastically received at a Staten Island community board meeting.

Mayor Bloomberg defended same-sex marriage in North Carolina.

Watch Bloomberg’s commencement speech at the University of North Carolina 55 minutes into this video.

Will Super PACs influence the 2013 mayoral election?

Chuck Schumer pushed for the World Trade Center sphere to be located somewhere publicly accessible.

The New York Daily News said it’s “outrageous” that the federal government is keeping information from the NYPD.

The Times criticized Charles Hynes over hiding information in Orthodox abuse cases.

J.P. Morgan’s bust has renewed calls for financial reform.

Bill Mahoney discussed the Committee to Save New York on Capital Tonight.

And Nate Shinagawa discussed his Upstate congressional campaign.

Albor Ruiz blasted the new Secure Communities program.

The editor of Brownstoner.com slammed the city’s FreshDirect deal.

“Pink slime” would have been better off with a better name.

On the presidential race:

Scott Brown and Mitt Romney, close politically, are diverging ideologically.

Romney may not have a choice on waging the gay marriage battle.

His tough views on Russia have sparked a foreign policy debate.

A top GOP pollster suggested Republicans moderate themselves left on gay marriage.

Weekend Roundup: School Diversity; Soaring Stop-and-Frisks; Navigating Marriage Waters