Weekend Roundup: Wedding Bells

(Photo: William Alatriste/NYT)

Christine Quinn got married.

As did Mark Zuckerberg.

Robert Mittman gave money to Jeff Gottlieb back in the day.

Mayor Bloomberg’s whereabouts during that big blizzard can’t be figured out with FOIL requests.

The NAACP endorsed gay marriage.

FreshDirect will deliver to the Bronx.

Bill Perkins initially planned to back Adriano Espaillat.

Bill Mahoney discussed history and control of the State Senate.

Joyce Johnson discussed her congressional campaign.

Steve Levin discussed upcoming legislation in the City Council.

A federal court upheld the Constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act.

The New York Times was happy about this.

They weren’t happy about Republican positions on issues relating to women, however.

While the Daily News doesn’t like Michael Mulgrew.

The New York Post: “… and, lately, The New York Times …”

A columnist in the same publication defended George Zimmerman.

The fake dog testicles issue won’t go away.

There’s a parking space available for $1 million.

Tom Allon: “I can guarantee you I’ll be the best writer as mayor that the city has ever seen. I write for the Huffington Post twice a week. I speak well. I’m articulate. I have been in media and communications for 25 years. So everything that I’ve done has prepared me for this race.”

On the presidential race:

The Mormon church helped shape Mitt Romney.

Cory Booker defended him.

Romney’s campaign is hopeful about winning New Hampshire.

Newt Gingrich helped him out.

He has an opportunity to develop his foreign policy brand.

Marco Rubio escalated his criticism of President Obama.

Gay activists want to know what’s next from the president.

Ron Paul is still around.

Weekend Roundup: Wedding Bells