Well-Dressed Entrepreneurs Enchant AskMen

Ben Lerer, Neil Blumenthal and Barry Diller are among some of AskMen's most fashionable entrepreneurs.

Fashion icon? (flickr.com/shankbone)

Dapper dudes, unite: AskMen published a slideshow today of the “Most Stylish Entrepreneurs,” and many fashionable New York businessmen made the list. Hey, at least we’re finally objectifying dude techies the same way we usually do ladies?

“Here is what happens when ambition meets fashion,” declared AskMen in a post partially sponsored by Dell. You’re totally dying to know who made the list, right?

Bespectacled Warby Parker founder Neil Blumenthal is deemed “perfectly preppy” for his love of J.Crew, while CEO of IAC Management, Barry Diller, struts his stuff in a powder blue blazer that looks more Miami than Midtown. Possibly-ousted Foursquare founder Naveen Selvadurai apparently has a penchant for “V-neck tees and shawl collar sweaters,” and Thrillist’s Ben Lerer’s style is declared “easily accessible” because he loves Lacoste polos, which–at $89.50 a pop–are totally accessible. (Disclosure: Josh Kushner, a part-owner of Observer Media Group–which owns Betabeat–nabbed the highly-coveted No. 1 spot.)

A slideshow of cute rich guys? Now all we need is a how-to guide on how to bed them.

Okay, that was fun. Now everybody back to work.

Well-Dressed Entrepreneurs Enchant AskMen