Write Your Paper or the Internet Sees Your Embarrassing Duckface Photos

Human beings are now so lazy that they've resorted to blackmailing themselves to get things done.

Duckface. (flickr.com/mr_encyclopedia)

Procrastination has only gotten worse since the advent of the Internet; how did people even justify avoiding work prior to that slow slide into a Wikipedia k-hole? Our fast-encroaching apathy is why it’s great that we now have Aherk, an app that blackmails you if you don’t complete a specified goal, because we are now just that lazy.

Want to lose weight, or complete your paper by the assigned deadline? Add your goal into Aherk and press the scary “there’s no going back now” button. Then, of course, you’ll need collateral: an embarrassing photo or nudie pic will do the trick. Aherk then attempts to motivate you by promising to upload these photos to Facebook if you don’t complete your goal, which is determined by votes from your Facebook friends.

We’re not really sure what incentive your friends would have for saying you’d completed your goal, knowing that if they vote that you didn’t achieve it–even if you did–awkward photos of you would be published to Facebook. Or maybe we just need to get nicer friends?

According to The Next Web, 135 masochists have already logged goals. Sadly, not even embarrassing photos apparently could entice a baby-faced user named Brandon James-Kieran Potin to “help MUM with everything.” Write Your Paper or the Internet Sees Your Embarrassing Duckface Photos