Comcast to Try Charging for Internet Based on Usage

Your worst nightmares may come true.

Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast (

Do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? Yeah, us either. Haha, kidding, we are literally never not on the Internet. This reporter sleeps with her phone beside her pillow, and only shuts her Macbook when that screen glare-induced headache starts to set in. We stream and download music and videos and read tons and tons of news stories. The only reason we’re not broke is because our Verizon mobile unlimited data plan was grandfathered in. All of this is is why the news that Comcast will begin testing charging for Internet based on how much you use it is kind of the worse.

Writes the New York Times:

Steering its broadband Internet access business away from a one-size-fits-all model, Comcast said Thursday that it would test sales of Internet service based on use, with potentially higher costs for customers who use the most. The tests will start taking place in unspecified Comcast markets in the next several months, the company said. The approach could be rolled out later in Comcast’s other markets.

The good news, however, is that the company has increased its 250GB monthly data cap to 300GB. According to the Consumerist, “those who go over that [300GB] limit won’t be throttled — as Comcast currently does to cap-busters — but will instead be hit with fees for additional blocks of GB.”

Comcast didn’t release details about how much each tier will cost–hopefully it will actually make the cost of Internet slightly cheaper, unless you’re running a server farm or something. We’ll see, though.

Thankfully, we use Fios–there’s a reason Consumerist ranked Comcast as 2010’s Worst Company in America. Comcast to Try Charging for Internet Based on Usage