Zynga Insists More Ads Will Save Draw Something

With daily active users plummeting, can an ad deal with DreamWorks justify that $183 million price tag?

Pictionary-like game Draw Something continues to endure a steep decline in players. AppData reports that since March, the number of users logging into the app via Facebook has fallen from 14.5 million a day to 7.6 million, almost halving Draw Something’s daily active users.

With interest in the game quickly ebbing, the Wall Street Journal reports today that Zynga is attempting to justify the $183 million it spent to acquire Draw Something and its parent company OMGPOP by tacking on yet more ads to the flailing game. Because if there’s one thing game players love, it’s ads, obviously.

According to the Journal:

The San Francisco-based company on Thursday plans to announce an agreement with animation studio DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. to place additional advertising in the game. Zynga believes it’s the start of new revenue-generating possibilities that will justify the controversial acquisition.

DreamWorks has agreed to run banner ads and other promotions inside Draw Something for its upcoming film Madagascar 3, which we guess means pre-teens and their parents are the only ones still playing Draw Something.

We’re seriously skeptical that implementing another annoying ad layer to the user experience is going to keep the game from hemorrhaging users, but may as well make money off the users you still have, right?

Meanwhile, we like to picture former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter reading this article and breaking into a maniacal laugh while fanning himself with hundos. Zynga Insists More Ads Will Save Draw Something