Charlie Rangel Is Confused About Andrew Cuomo’s Endorsement

Is or isn’t Governor Cuomo endorsing Rep. Charles Rangel in his 15th district re-election bid? Rangel surely thinks so — or did.

Rangel stood at a podium today before a small group of supporters in City Hall Park, where he was accepting the endorsement of another key New York player, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

“The reasons why these endorsements mean so much to me is because of the serious time we are having in our nation,” Rangel said. “If I thought the Governor and the Mayor did not believe that my returning to Congress to protect the advancements we have made did not make sense, well, come on, we’d have to talk about that.”

But there was something to talk about, because one of these endorsements doesn’t make sense. Though Mayor Bloomberg and former Mayor Ed Koch have both stepped forward to endorse Rangel, the governor has not.

Before Rangel signed off, he signed onto the Cuomo endorsement once again. “Thank Mayor Bloomberg, the Governor, public officials for putting their reputation on the line in saying that as far as they’re concerned I deserve a renewal,” he said, “As we say in the army, re-up, re-up for another two years.”

A reporter quickly piped in, “You mentioned the governor, and I don’t know if we’ve missed something, but has the Governor endorsed you?

“Well, that’s a good question. I assume that he had. But, um, well he always does and I just happened to think that he had.”

He then beat around the bush for a few moments, and talked about a fundraising event for his campaign this evening at the Sheraton.

Another reporter then asked, “Do you expect him to go?”

Once again, Rangel was stammering.

“I don’t know. Um, It was my impression that all of the ex-mayors, Koch, Bloomberg, and the governor will all be on the same page. But I’m glad that you mentioned this, because sometimes you can get ahead of yourself.”

Charlie Rangel Is Confused About Andrew Cuomo’s Endorsement